Donald Simpson Community Centre, is a non-for-profit charity established in 1987. The centre today, is open to all, but predominantly a centre for Seniors. The centre used to be known as a “leisure centre” but has been redesignated as a “community centre” to encompass a wider range of options and age groups.

The major reason for a centre such as ours is as a hedge against social isolation. It gives many of us a venue outside our homes to engage in activities of interest, learning and good health of mind and body. We sometimes forget to emphasise this good health aspect of the Donald Simpson Community Centre. It is pure and simple a health service for not just its members but also the general public.

So we welcome your financial donations which help with the general running of the centre and seek larger donations to help improve the centre in the coming years. For those seeking Tax-Deductible options, we are registered as DGRS through our partnership with Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association Inc.  CLICK HERE for Tax Deductible form

The centre actively seeks various grants, sponsorship, and funding opportunities from all levels of government.