Activity Timetable at DSC


Times of ActivityActivity Name
08.30am to 12.00pmMatilda’s Quilters
09.00am to 11.30amLeatherwork
09.30am to 11.30amU3A Life in Australia lectures
12.30pm to 04.30pmAuction Bridge
11.30am to 2.30pmLine Dancing
01.00pm to 04.00pmScrabble
02.00pm to 03.00pmChair Yoga Dance
03.00pm to 04.00pmQi – Gong
04.30pm to 5.30pmBallet for Seniors


Times of ActivityActivity Name
7.00am to 8.00amWalkers for Health
8.30am to 11.30amWoodcarving
8.30am to 11.45amPainting / Art
8.30am to 12.00pmParchment Craft
8.30am to 12.30pmTheatricals – Drama/singing/acting/performance
9.30am to 11.30amDiscussion Group – Current affairs (1st and 3rd Tuesday)
12.00pm to 3.30pmArt Class (Afternoon)
12.00pm to 4.00pmCanasta Beginners
1.00pm to 3.00pmWriters Group (meets every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)
1.00pm to 4.00pmMahjong (Chinese)
1.00pm to 4.00pm

Social Dance – New

Vogue / old time / sequence

3.15pm to 4.15pmGuitar Lessons _ going to intermediate
4.15pm to 7.30pmTable Tennis (beginners welcome, all ages welcome)
5.30pm to 6.30pmPilates



Times of ActivityActivity Name
8.30am to 10.00amYoga
9.00am to 11.30amLibrary
10.00am to 11.30amPhilosophy for everybody (U3A)
10.00am to 11.30amUkulele Class – Beginner
10.00am to 11.30amUkulele Class – Intermediate
10.00am to 12.00pmLow Vision Group (2nd & 4th Wed)
10.15am to 11.00amTap Dancing Class
11.00am to 12.00pmJazz Dancing Class
12.15pm to 2.30pmGenealogical Society (2nd Wed)
12.30pm to 4.00pmRummy Tiles
12.45pm to 1.45pmQi Gong
1.00pm to 2.00pmGerman – Beginners
2.00pm to 3.00pmGerman – Intermediate
2.30pm to 4.00pmRedlands Dementia -3rd Wed
03.00pm to 4.00pmGuitar Lessons – Beginners


Times of ActivityActivity Name
7.00am to 8.00amWalkers for health
8.30am to 12.00pmCleveland Senior Citizens – Indoor Bowls
8.30am to 12.00pmCleveland Senior Citizens – Bingo
8.30am to 12.00pmCleveland Senior Citizens – Cards
9.00am to 11.45amComputer Workshop
12.00pm to -4.00pmCanasta – DSC
12.15pm to 4.15pmU3A Canasta
1.00pm to 4.00pmIndoor Bowls


Times of ActivityActivity Name
8.30am to 9.30amPilates Class
8.30am to 12.00pmHandicrafts
8.30am to 12.00pmParchment Craft
10.00am to 12.30pmIndoor Bowls
1.00pm to 4.00pmTable Tennis
1.00pm to 4.00pmCard 500
1.45pm to 4.15pmClassical Music U3A
4.00pm to 6.30pmTable Tennis


Times of ActivityActivity Name
9.00am to 12.00pmTable Tennis